April Pyne

Artist member since 2020
Montreal, QC

April Pyne is a Montreal-based artist originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York. April's work explores the connections between manufactured and natural spaces. Her muse is the sky. Color and light permeate her work. Through geometric and biomorphic shapes she explore feelings and thoughts that are beneath the surface. April is self-taught and has studied the language of abstract art, while creating a visual vocabulary of her own.


Inside the Studio


Coffees per day and from where

One decaf in the morning from the french press (on a good day). On a day where I need more help, 1-2 cups from the coffee maker!

Favourite artist(s) right now

Alma Thomas, Chagall, Klee, Rothko, O'Keefe (forever!)

Why is art important to you?

I love words, but I believe that visual language speaks to a different place in the human heart.

When I'm not making art, I'm (a) ...

Walking and observing the world around me. I like walking the same paths and noting different things each time. I see the way a shadow falls on a building or the way a tree is responding to the season.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Georges Laoun - Espace d'Expressions et de Creation
11th Annual Black History Month Exhibition

Select Past Exhibitions

Bougie Art Gallery
Abstract Art Today


Art Room Gallery, Online
Juried Show - Life on Earth


Contemporary Art Gallery, Online
Open Exhibition


Nuage B, Montreal


Gallea, Montreal
Geometric Art Online Exhibit


Montreal Art Center, Montreal
Emerging Artists Show


Art Room Gallery
Honorable Mention


Bougie Art Gallery Magazine


The Menteur


The Healing Muse


From Whispers to Roars

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